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The Scenic Detours

The Scenic Detours

88 pp / 245 x 205mm
First edition of 100
ISBN 978-1-7398397-0-3

Britain is often considered a synonym for chocolate-box villages and postcard-perfect views. The picturesque scenes printed on boxes of chocolates are the epitome of Britishness and are the attraction for many of us. I am not an exception. This is what brought me to this country in the first place. This green and pleasant land so much celebrated in literature and art. When I first saw the White Cliffs of Dover from the deck of a ferry from Calais, I was smitten. I fell in love before I even stepped ashore.

With years of exploring and walking many footpaths criss-crossing this beautiful country, I realised that not all the views are the idyllic paradise depicted in postcards and in the written word. But my love and passion for this country never faded away. On the contrary, it grew much deeper.

Because when you love a place you love it with all its flaws. Unconditionally. You find poetic beauty in all the hidden corners and ordinary views. They are an essential part of its character. They make it whole. This is what this book is about. The understated charm of the ordinary that I come across when walking through the British countryside. The opposite of the scenic tourist spots admired by many. It is about my journey of learning how to appreciate and love a place for what it is and for everything that it comes with, good or bad.

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