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Wish You Were Here / Kiss Me Quick

Wish You Were Here / Kiss Me Quick

Hardcover Book Set in a Slipcase
Wish You Were Here
140 pp sewn / 210 x 230mm
Kiss Me Quick
124 pp sewn / 210 x 230mm
First Edition of 150
ISBN 978-1-7398397-1-0

This companion book set explores the nostalgia of the English seaside throughout the seasons, from the somber beauty of winter months to its restored splendour in the glorious days of summer.

There is a melancholy about the English seaside in winter. No matter what Mother Nature throws at it, there is a resilience that enables it to resurrect its full magnificence in summer months.

It goes into hibernation, it falls into slumber and sleeps dormant like a perennial plant, just to flourish when the sun and warmth come back. Like trees that are bare and stark in winter. But in the summer they become beautiful, vibrant and everything we love about them.

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